Box 7 - Activities of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1993.

a) permanent activities carried on by MCT or with its support:
  • large projects involving investments in basic infrastructure;
  • research projects in the basic, natural and social sciences;
  • technology development projects in the fields of biotechnology, with emphasis on genetic engineering and its applications; in new materials, including microelectronics; in chemistry, including the synthesis of natural products, all with strong impact in the modernization of the productive system.
b) regional programs, like the weather and climate forecast projects for the Northeast and the Center-South regions;

c) the definition of new legal and financial instruments for the S&T sector:
  • incentives for industrial investment in R&D
  • rules for the implementation of the Informatics and the Amazon Free Zone legislations;
  • utilization of resources derived from the privatization program for strategic projects such as the Satellite Launching Vehicle, the supercomputer of the National Laboratory of Computer Sciences, the National Laboratory of Sences, the National Laboratory of Synchrotron Light, the National Laboratory of Nuclear Physics, the research program in the Antarctic region and the survey of natural resources in Brazil's continental shelf.
  • creation of the National Commission for Industrial Technological Qualification;
  • establishment of the Program for software production for the international market;
  • writi
  • writing and follow up of new legislation for the S&T sector: for patents, software, vegetal diversity, topography and integrated circuits, trade of sensitive technologies, and the creation of Brazil's space agency.

Josť Israel Vargas, 1993