Box 9 - Technology transfer: the new economic policy orientations

Regarding the transfer of technology from abroad, it is necessary to preserve and consolidate the economic policy orientations introduced in the nineties, aimed to remove existing obstacles and restrictions affecting the main transfer channels - the import of capital goods, technology contracts and foreign investment. It is necessary to go further regarding the use and diffusion of foreign technologies incorporated in capital goods, with the liberalization of import mechanisms for equipment, and the reformulation of the informatics policy. It is also necessary to proceed with the revision of the traditional administrative procedures for the registration of technology transfer contracts. These practices amounted to strong government intervention and restrictions in the transference process. In the same vein, policy changes in the informatics sector, eliminating restrictions to the presence of foreign companies and the establishment of joint-ventures, helped to remove a significant block to technological transfer, which was specially important because it affected precisely the industrial sectors where technical progress is more intense.

Eduardo A. Guimar„es, 1993.