Science and technology in Brazil: a new policy for a global world

Simon Schwartzman, general coordination; Eduardo Krieger, biological sciences; Fernando Galembeck, physical sciences and engineering; Eduardo Augusto Guimarães, technology and industry; Carlos Osmar Bertero, Institutional analysis

This is the summary document of the science and technology policy study carried on by the São Paulo School of Business Administration, Getúlio Vargas Foundation, for the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology, within the Program for Scientific and Technological Development (the PADCT II agreement between Brazil and the World Bank). The ideas expressed in this text are the sole responsibility of its authors.

São Paulo, November, 1993



1. Science and Technology in Brazil

2. Background

3. The achievements of the 1970s and the realities of the 1990s

4. New Realities

5. A new policy for a global world

6. Policy recommendations


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