University and Development in Latin America

Successful Experiences of Research Centers
Simon Schwartzman (Ed.)
Institute of Labor and Society Studies, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Latin American countries are increasing their investments in science and technology, introducing legislation to stimulate innovation, but the impact of these efforts in the economy and society has been limited. Most of the existing research takes place in universities, and does not relate easily with business, government and society.


There are, however, exceptions. This book looks at the science, technology and innovation systems of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, telling the stories of sixteen university research teams from different fields of knowledge, working in very different national contexts, but having in common the experience of producing high quality scientific knowledge in their fields, while being very active in transfering their knoweldge to society. They are deviations from the more traditional academic centers in the their own countries, which tend to work acccording to the research agendas established by their individual members, with subsidies from the education and science and techology authorities, and, even when working in applied fields, have difficulties or give low priority to put their competence to practical use.


In spite of their differences, they have to deal with some common issues: how to stimulate academic entrepreneurship, how to deal with issues of intellectual property, how to relate with their universities and make the best possible use their countries’ innovation agencies. In so doing, they help their countries to come closer to the needs of the knowledge societies of today.



Global Perspectives on Higher Education volume 14
ISBN 978-90-8790-524-8 hardback USD99/EUR90
ISBN 978-90-8790-523-1 paperback USD49/EUR45
November 2008, 284 pages


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Author: Simon Schwartzman

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